Jewelry Care

Caring for your gold filled jewelry

Your gold filled jewelry can last a lifetime but whether it will depends on how well you take care of it. Follow our recommendations to get the most out of your piece.

♥ Remove your jewelry in salt and chlorine water—salt and chloride erode the metal.

Avoid contact with lotions, retinols, acids, sunscreen, purple/toning shampoos, hairspray, perfume– these all contain ingredients that react harshly with gold. (tip: put on your lotions and spray your perfume before putting on your jewelry to minimize contact)

Store it in a dry place and out of humidity (all of our pieces intentionally come with an airtight baggie so that you can use it to store your piece!)

♥ Your piece is water resistant and while mild soap and water actually clean it, make sure to pat it try after it gets wet.

Wipe your piece with a jewelry or soft cloth after exercise and avoid wearing it during heavy exercise or sleep to keep it looking bright. Why? Sweat contains many toxins that are just not good for a metal like gold (these include urea, uric acid, ammonia, lactic acid, and more that depending on the individual!) Also, body physiology varies from person to person which means that the metal may react differently in different people. Things like the hormones our bodies produce and the medications we take affect our physiology. 


What is Gold Filled?

Gold filled means that there is a thick layer of solid gold pressure bonded to a high-quality jewelers’ brass core. Because gold filled must be 1/20th (or 5%) pure gold by weight, the result is a high quality, durable piece of jewelry that is the next best thing to solid gold. It will not turn your skin green, will not tarnish and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. It’s a great, more affordable alternative to solid gold that can still be worn every day and best of all, it is hypoallergenic.

All of our pieces are 14k or 18k gold filled. It's meant to be worn daily and can last for many, many years with some tender love and care.